Terms And Condition

Customers are advised to read this page completely with utmost care as this page has important terms and conditions of thekamagra.net online store which may affect your rights.

All the Information provided in this store are provided and managed by thekamagra.net. Before choosing any products to buy from our store you have to read its associated information on shipping policy, privacy policy, and Refund Policy. The information given in this page and terms of condition page will be modified at no time without providing notice to customers in advance. So, those who shop from our store are advised to read the terms and conditions again frequently.

Our Services

All the products displayed in our store are shipped directly from manufacturers. Thekamagra.net allows allow you to avail of Kamagra products through our store which is currently in the name of https://www.thekamagra.net ( Store’s website name). By accepting our terms and services you acknowledge us to acquire Products from the manufacturer. This implies you acknowledge this store does not involve in manufacturing any medical products.

Excluded services

We do not provide medical counseling /consulting services to any of our users. By accepting our terms you agree that you are not depending on Thekamagra.net for medical queries.

Collection of personal information

We use our online portal to collect your information. We also collect/confirm your personal details via phone conversation. When you provide information after accepting our terms you agree that your personal information like Name, Address, Contact info, age, Credit card numbers can be used to benefit your needs by following ways:

1) To Continue your payment

2) To Process your orders and ship at your doorstep

3)To call you or contact you through our customer services regarding order confirmation and intimate your with live status of our services

4) To ensure that you have RX from your healthcare professionals


Information Accuracy

With the skilled executive team in thekamagra.net, we have been working continuously to provide accurate information in our store. The product information given is based on reference guide from shared by manufacturers. The information given in our blogs are based on recent news in the industry.

Copyright: The information provided all over our store are protected by copyright. You can see copyright sign at the bottom of every page. This Kamagra online store does not allow you to modify, delete, copy, post, republish in an internet or distribute without the approval from thekamagra. Indulging in such activities are punishable under federal laws. In case if you are going to use content in our store for non-commercial purposes then it is necessary to request thekamagra.net for approval.

Links: Thekamagra.net has full control over links that are given to our store. But we do not hold responsibility for content or ads displayed in third-party website as in some place we have given external links to other third party websites.

Trademark terms

This is very important as we have created this store and earned customer’s trust through our services. Users or other third party members should not mimic or use the same logo of thekamagra or our trade names to confuse our regular or new customers

General Terms

By Ticking in the checkbox of “I Agree”, you are acknowledging to use the information given in this online store as per our policies.

  • It is a must that you should be above 18 years of age to read the information on the site as some content might not be appropriate for people who belong to the age below it.
  • Those who are buying Kamagra pills from this site have to follow the terms and conditions.
  • Only when you stop using the website it means that you don’t follow the condition.
  • In the case of any mishaps occurring, either due to payment or the drug you hold the sole responsibility for that.
  • Any information, price, content, graphics or images that are used on the site should not be utilized by anyone for both personal as well as business purposes.
  • We have a patent for all these hence violations would put you in legal trouble.