How to Refund? Know our refund policies

The Refund policies of  – Kamagra Exclusive Online store in US is structured in a way to improve customer services. We don’t usually receive refund request from customers since we are well experienced in delivering products without damages. As we ship to different states in US and few other countries there may be a chance you might receive damaged products while transferring from one place to other. We repay the amount or reship your products for free only if you are eligible to claim for refund. Customer who can and who cannot opt refund options are given below.

Who can?

#1 Damaged package with Kamagra pills

Any damages happen while shipping the packages. Shipper’s fault, not yours. In this case, we take full responsibility and reship the ordered Kamagra pills without any charge.

#2 Wrong Product or Wrong dosage

Package contains different forms and brands of Kamagra pills other than what you have ordered. You have the right to claim for re-shipment at free of cost or claim for refund.

# Nearly expired Kamagra pills

Customers who received medication that has expired will get to order a new pack of Kamagra pills. This will not happen or happened in the past. But in case if you are received with expired products you have the full rights to get a refund.

Who cannot?

If the product or package has been damaged at the customer end. We do not hold any responsibilities.

Wrongly placed order

If you wrongly placed your orders. Your request for refund policies will not be considered. But you can make a fresh order with full cost along with shipping cost.

Claiming after 7 days

As per our policies requesting a refund after one week of delivery is not accepted.

Who Should you contact?

Again, the eligible customer can contact our support team or email us at to place your request. It will take 1-2 days to check with the sales team to get details of a damaged product. And they will again contact you at the end of the 2nd day regarding your refund approval status. You can also get this information through messages to your contact number or email address which you have given at the time of ordering.

International customers can also request for the refund. But it will take more than 5 days to process background verifications as we are not directly involved with shipping agencies.

Contact us at any time!

Time to refund

Once you get the message from our team that your refund request has been accepted money will be credited to your account within 7 days at the maximum. As it involves a lot of procedures from our side need to undergo.

  • These 7 days are only for US customers.

For international people say, Australia, Europe, and other country customer’s it depends on location that you are residing at. But we guarantee you that we will complete the refund formalities within 20 days.

2 simple tips to avoid customer frequent mistakes

You should double check your orders before making transactions.

Customer are advised to act fast and claim for refund if you are an eligible person within one week.