Payment Policy an Exclusive Kamagra Online store has established our services worldwide and that’s why we are offering a variety of payment options. All this is made accessible for the use of them. Also, our payment services are focused on the wider access to our users. Hence our primary transaction method provided is to avail you the risk-free and familiar payment option.

Available payment option

The current payment services we offer our customers is Master credit cards, E-check, E-wallet. All these payment options require your true transaction credentials. All your payment options are protected by using our secure payment gateways. The user can use our payment services at any time with no limitation on the time bounding.

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Secured transaction

All your payment credentials are protected via 128-bit encryption of codes. The user can be confident about making the transaction as all our online service is protected with SSL system. You could also verify this on our https URL. Besides our URL you could find the green lock ensuring you are on the protected server.

All your confidential information is secured from hacking and piracy. This is ensured by the software. All the information you entering us will be immediately encrypted as 128 – bit code and this provided under TLS 1.2 protocol. Also, it is seen that this pharmacy is completely safe and risk-free.

Our future services

Presently we are updating our payment services to provide multiple payment options to our customers through which they could pick their convenient option among different choices. We are now in the process of integrating our payment services with different card payment facilities.

Our special offers

We also offer to redeem points to our regular and new customers. By making a purchase with us you always earn a chance of getting redeem points using which you could reduce your cost of the purchases. By registering with us who are provided with the chance of getting redeem points. This point will be credited for all your purchase and every 10 points worth singe dollar value. The user can make use of this during their next payment.

Changes in the payment policies

All the information provided in this policy may change at any time. This should be taken into care by the users. Also, the pricing details added in the website may increase or decrease during payment. This may be due to the technical error in the printing, digital image error, change in the production cost, import cost, due to any updates on service etc. Hence the product and the price of the product is completely under our control which the user has no influence over this. Also, we may change the cost of our product at any time.

The invoice transaction once completed will not be taken under the changes. Your placed order will be held on to the previous sector of cost shown while processing the order.

Trouble in transaction

Any queries or doubts in transacting your payment will be solved by our customer care team. Any technical issues will be fixed or they will direct you to the solution. If it cannot be fixed from our side then you are requested to reach your bank to verify the problem. Contact us immediately if you are facing an trouble.