How we deliver your orders at doorstep – Infographics

How Thekamagra will deliver your orders at doorstep

Here is how will work to deliver Kamagra orders at your doorstep!

The team of well-experienced members from is here to justify how we actually work to promptly ship and deliver the ordered Kamagra medications to your destination. Here is the brief to make you understand our process.

To Quick readers

Once you have placed an order, the way we work will justify why we take a maximum of 14 days or 21 days to ship at your doorstep. We might deliver you the products even before 14 days if express shipping is your choice and it is determined on your destination as well. If normal regular delivery is your choice of shipping, you might receive your Kamagra packages during any time between Day 14-Day21. We will not take even a minute extra after that to deliver your Kamagra medication.

To Know our work in more detail

You can get quite a picture of our working nature from the above infographics. Here we have explained it in detail.

Day 1 to Day 4  – From Receiving the orders till packing and ready to ship from our store

DAY 1 – Have you Placed Kamagra order from Once you have reached the last step of ordering which is giving payment details and received the status that your orders have been placed successfully, That will be counted as Day 1.

DAY 2 – On the 2nd day, we will start working to verify whether the shared information by you is Correct/Valid or not. If not we will get in touch with you to get the valid details. And intimate you through email that your order has been confirmed. You will receive the mail from our sales mail with the information of your order status along with your order ID.

DAY 3 – We will process your payment process, this means, we will receive your money for the medication that you have purchased with us. We will call you if there are any issues while processing your payment.

DAY 4 – This is the most important day. It is because we are more concerned that our customer should receive only quality medication. So we will check for quality of the Kamagra pills from our stock and we make sure that it is not expired. This will not happen mostly as we import medication in batch wise regularly to keep our stock fresh. Finally, we will pack discreetly in brown cover and make it ready to ship.

Day 5 to Day 6Shippers load your packages and start travel towards your destination

During these days mostly different shippers will take your packages out for delivery as per your request. Domestic shippers will take out your packages and start traveling towards the given address. For international customers, it will take around two days as we have to ensure there is no legal issue.

Day 7 to Day 10 – On the way to reach you

From day 7 to day 10, our shippers will be on their way to reach your home. It will take three days as our shippers will be carrying not only one customer’s order, they will be carrying hundreds of packages. So it will take few days to navigate themselves to reach your destination.

Day 11 to Day 14 – If your choice is express shipping, then our choice of delivery your orders are between these days

For the users who have chosen an express shipping option, there is a possibility they might receive the orders on day 11. It totally depends on your location. Within 14 days it is for sure you will be holding the packages. If not give us a call or chat with us to know the status of your order.

Day 14 to Day 21 – For Regular shipping option, You might receive Kamagra packages within these days

Any time during day 14 to day 21, you will be receiving an order if you have opted for regular shipping mode. As we have to deliver the medication to a lot of customers in a different location, we will take these few days to reach you. For shipping relate doubts you can take a look at our shipping policies


NOTE: In case of any issues with customs, or any delays due to overseas transportation we will inform you priorly and make yourself convenient to make an alternative. If you did not receive any notification still you have not received your orders you can immediately call us with a provided number or you can contact us quickly with our live chats. You can also write an email regarding your order status to