This Kamagra Online store takes the effort to sort out our customer’s queries in this documentation. Top Frequently asked questions are answered here. Is there anything you want to ask kindly contact the support team at thekamagra.net.

Is it necessary to create an account to purchase on thekamagra.net?

Yes, it is mandatory to register before going up for the purchase of Kamagra products from thekamagra.net. Making a purchase as logged-in user enables you to access all kind of services rapidly and conveniently and moreover, it is safe for you to keep your information securely. Registration is not required for seeing the information contained on our website.

Is your service legal?

Yes, all of our services met the standards of federal law in the United States. For more details, you can visit our “Who we are? ” page.

From where you are sourcing the medications?

We import the medicines directly from Ajanta Pharma, a licensed drug manufacturing company.

Is Kamagra 50mg suitable for me?

We are only selling the Kamagra online. Talk to your physician visually or take online doctor consultation as the doctors only know the exact information about the medicine dosage. Usually, the doctors prescribe the dosage pill based on the health condition of the patient’s and severity of the pain.

How to use Kamagra medication?

According to the doctor prescription, you have to use Kamagra pills to achieve best results as well avoid the side effects. Usually, this medicine should be taken prior to one hour of sexual activity.

What is the difference between 50mg and 100mg of Kamagra pills?

The active ingredient of Kamagra pill is Sildenafil Citrate. Thus 50mg Sildenafil Citrate has been presented on 50mg Kamagra pill and 100mg Kamagra tablet contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate.

A standard dosage of 50mg is sufficient to achieve the best effect. However, some people could not able to recover from erectile dysfunction issue by taking this dosage and so they will be prescribed to Kamagra 100mg tablets. Almost both doses would provide similar effectiveness.

Can I trust your product quality?

Our main concern is to provide high-quality medicines to all of our customers. The philosophy is quite transparent, offering the best quality, we can retain more customers. Thus we have always tested the products before putting up for sale. So you can completely rely on our medicinal products. So you can buy Kamagra online from thekamagra.net without any hesitation.

What payment options do you allow?

Credit/Debit cards and E-checks. These payment methods only we accept. Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal, internet banking, and any other online payments.

How do you ship the products?

We ship the products in two ways. For USA customers, we deliver the order package via United States Postal Services(USPS) and for international customers, we use leading shipping service providers from where our clients placed their Kamagra order.

What is your shipping rate?

We would charge $35 for normal shipping and $70 for express shipping. In case of international shipping, customers required to pay $140.

When will you deliver the package?

The package will deliver based on the shipment that you have opted for an order placement.

(i)Normal Shipping – It would take 18-21 business days to reach your place.

(ii)Express Shipping – You can receive your ordered Kamagra pill package in between 10-14 business days.

(iii)International Shipping- Usually it takes minimum 20 days to reach the customer place.

I have misplaced my order- How to cancel and reorder the medicine?

It is quite simple. Just inform to our customer care team either via a telephone call or mail and explain the reason of canceling the order. Our customer care representative asked you to place a new order of which you desire to buy. Once we received a new order from your side, we will cancel your previous order that you have claimed a request to ignore it. Check our refund policy for more information.

What should I do if received a damaged product?

In case of receiving a damaged item, you kindly requested to look over our Return Policy and there you can get complete details for your query.

How long will you process the refund?

Suppose if you are qualified to get a refund, we send out confirmation mail to your email address. Once we received a return product, we will refund the payment within 7 business days.

Are my payment and personal details safe?

We have installed SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certification on our website so all information is encrypted before transmission. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Can I trace my order package?

You can view the status of your order package here at usps.com once we mailed your unique number to you. Just enter the tracking number on the website and see where your parcel has been located and when will it deliver to your place.

Am not received my order on mentioned delivery time – What to do?

Sometimes the shipment parcels seized by customs or lost during the transit yet in case of any delay in receiving your order package, kindly contact our customer support team as they will resolve your issues.

Right now am in Australia but I have given US address while placing an order – Can you deliver my order package to Australia?

Yes, it is possible to change the delivery address within 24 hours of your order placement. Kindly contact our customer care team and tell about your present address. Suppose if your order package has been dispatched from our place, then we cannot able to ship the product to Australia. You can ask further information with our customer support representative via chat or email.

What is the position of your order?

Only after the period of 24 hours that your order is placed you would be able to check the position of your order. You have to click on the MY account link that is present on the top right corner of the website. When you do this it is possible to check all the details of your order that you have made.

Your tracking ID (Combination of Numbers and Alphabets) would be given and this would help you to know the information about your package.

Can you combine different orders with the order that is already placed?

No, you cannot add any additional items to your already existing order. So the orders that you have made later would be shipped and this would not affect the order that you have already placed before.

We can terminate the order for you and you can get all the necessary items as a whole. However, after the cancellation is made, it would take a period of 24 hours for you to become eligible to order the same items again.

There is a risk in this as there are chances for the stock to become empty and you would need to wait for a long span again.

What is the way to change the shipping address?

You can contact the customer care team before 6.00 pm and inform about the change that you need to do in the shipping address. However, this might be difficult if the order is already shipped. You have to know that the order is shipped very quickly as most people expect it to be delivered at a faster pace. To know more about shipping you can visit our shipping policy.

What is the step to cancel the order?

You can go to the website to cancel the order that you have made. People can also contact the customer care team and inform about the need to cancel the order. When this is made prior to the shipment no cancellation fee would be charged. But when the parcel is already shipped a certain percentage from the billing amount would be considered as a cancellation fee. Click here to contact our technical team.

What should you when order status mentions delivered but you did not receive the package?

There are chances that at certain times the result shown in the order status is incorrect. You can refresh the page and check again. To be on a safer side, you can as well call the customer care team and inquire about it. Through them, you can know about the real status of your package.

Do you get an opportunity to see order status with the traditional shipment?

No matter what type of delivery that you choose it is sure that you can get the order status. Right from the order till the parcel gets delivered to your place you might be able to check the status.

How much would be the cancellation fee for the order?

This depends on when you have canceled your order. Usually, this Kamagra Online store would charge approximately 10% of the total billing amount as the cancellation fee. However, this might vary from one place to another.