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Key Information on Kamagra

Here are important points before you buy Kamagra online.

1) Kamagra 50mg and Kamagra 100mg are most used tablet forms of ED medication.

2) Treats Erectile problem in men

3)Active ingredients percentage in this medication is

4) One can feel the effects after 20-25 minutes of intake.

5) Consuming alcohol will severely disturb the working of Kamagra tablet

Note: Not for Sexual stimulation, Kamagra Oral Jelly will not prevent any sexually transmitted disease

What is Kamagra?

Male impotence, in medical terms it is referred as Erectile dysfunction problem, to treat this condition Kamagra tablets are used. It is basically originated from India. The name "Kamagra" is the trade name of Viagra. From late 1970's it has been researching for its effective result in curing impotence by many medical research centers. In early 1990's the research team has got approval to trade this medication as generic Viagra.

Kamagra shares the same active ingredient of Viagra that was an approved chemical composition that treats male impotence. It is the doctor recommended substitute for Viagra, as Viagra would cost high when compare to this male pill. Several millions of men are currently encountering an inability to perform sexual activity due to a problem in erection. So here come the cheapest male pills to combat impotency problem. Kamagra 100mg is the most preferred dosage when it comes to mostly prescribed dose to deal with male erection problem. And buying Kamagra 100mg is quite easy when you are choosing from exclusive Kamagra online store.

 Who makes Kamagra?

Ajanta Pharma Ltd is the manufacturer of the generic tablet Kamagra curing male erectile dysfunction. The company is located in Maharashtra, India and the drug is manufactured in the company’s facility. It is the leading Kamagra manufacturer who has the patent to manufacture and sell as wholesale to suppliers in a legitimate manner. The manufacturing unit is licensed and is approved for manufacturing Kamagra locally known as the substitute of Viagra. And the pills are manufactured under a controlled environment providing ensured safety of using this med.

One such unit of Ajanta Pharma is in Paithan from where our drugs are sourced from. Also, this is verified by the US drug regulator. Also, this manufacturing unit has 5 other manufacturing plants making this drug under protected and licensed medical environment. They outsource their products across the world to different sellers, retailers and stockists and others. They also expand their trades to local and online sellers of Kamagra. And we are sourcing Kamagra from them ensuring the high quality of the pills. Also, there are many other manufacturers of Kamagra. However to ensure the quality and to sell real pills we are sourcing from an authentic manufacturer. Also, the pills we are sourcing are always tested for its quality. Also, the extended expiration period pills alone will be stocked to the buyers. The other manufacturers of this medication have no patent to produce this medication. Those who are importing from those firms which do not have the patent is not good and ethical approach. As we directly import the medication from Ajanta, the buyers who buy Kamagra from our store online are actually purchasing it from the right place and in a safe manner.

What is the working nature of Kamagra?

Sildenafil Citrate is the effective chemical compound that regulates the blood flow to the penis when a man is sexually aroused. The working mechanism is very similar to Viagra and any other forms of Kamagra pills. For producing an erection in men, cyclic GMP is very important. In men who have been struggling with temporary impotence, a PDE-5 enzyme will prevent the functioning of this cyclic GMP. When a person takes Kamagra tablets, the sildenafil Citrate in this pill would inhibit the action of PDE-5 enzymes. This, in turn, increases the flushing of blood to the reproductive organ. This is how men will get back their erection condition back with Kamagra tablets.

Dosage information It totally depends on patient's health condition, the severity of impotence and doctor's observation. Buy to start off the treatment the best-recommended dosage strength is Kamagra 100 mg tablets. You have to make sure is it right choice to use Kamagra 100 mg for regulating your erection by consulting your doctor. For patients who want to try this medication can buy Kamagra 50mg from Kamagra store and test it whether you made the right choice with your doctor's consultation.

How fast does Kamagra react in the body?

Kamagra contains 50/100mg of the Sildenafil citrate and working of the drug can be felt in shortest time of 30minutes. Hence, it is generally taken at least 30 minutes before involving in any form of sexual stimulation. It will be effective for 4 to 6 hours and at this time one can easily attain maximum satisfaction and pleasure as it will help in maintaining a lasting erection.

When using Kamagra for ED, it is recommended to follow some tricks to have maximum effects,

  • A single dose is enough as it is more potent. And when under influence of the drug, avoid taking alcohol which will further lower your blood pressure and hinder with working of the drug.
  • Avoid sudden movement which will give you dizziness and headache that may possibly affect your mood.
  • Check whether any other medication you are taking interacts with the drug or not.
  • Avoid using grapefruit or its juice as it is known to react to the medication.
  • It can be taken before or after food, but prefer light meals before taking the pill.
  • Take medical advice if you ever had any heart related, stomach related problems.

Buy Kamagra Tablets online - Know the prices

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Precautions to take Kamagra

    • Kamagra is only for treating permanent erectile dysfunction. There is no need for you to consume the pills if you suffer from temporary impotence.
    • This medication is not for women and those men who are below 18 years of age should not take Kamagra tablets.
    • Some people might have allergic reactions to the medication. You have to check whether you are one or not prior commencing the course of therapy.
    • Never drink alcohol or grapefruit juice if you are going to take Kamagra pill.
    • The drug might not be suitable for the treatment of the conditions other than impotence.
    • You cannot prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease with this drug and you have to take necessary measures for it.
    • Always choose the appropriate dosage strength for your treatment.
    • You are not supposed to share your pills with others.
    • This is a prescription only drug hence do not go about self-treating.
    • Never double or increase the dosage strength without consulting with the doctor as it can cause the drug overdose. Take all these precautions steps before buying Kamagra tablets online.

Take Kamagra – The Guide to use Kamagra in an efficient way

You can take Kamagra just 30 minutes or 1 hour before involving in any sexual activity.

You should not use any beverages or hot drinks to swallow this medication instead a glass of water can help you to swallow easily. It is better to take before your meal times. If your stomach is full, there may be a chance that your medication efficiency will get disturbed.

It is highly recommended to take only one dose per day. The dosage strength may differ with an individual based on factors like your past and present medical condition, age, other medication that you are taking.

Just revisit your doctor before ordering Kamagra online from us if you are not sure on proper usage.

If you can't afford to visit them again, feel free to consult our online doctors to get adequate information.

When you buy Kamagra from our exclusive online store you will be provided with step by step guidance on how to take Kamagra medication without any risk.

How can Kamagra be effectively used to lead the healthy sexual life?

There are chances that Kamagra is not used in the most effective manner that the drug was designed to be. Not consuming it right may not produce the desired effects or rather the full potential of the drug is unlikely to be reached.

Knowing about the drug in detail will help to make it right. A lot of people tend to skip reading the instructions leaflet that comes with the product, but this is highly useful as it holds all the relevant information that even the physician may at times miss. Before buying Kamagra find out what is the right way to take it and also the duration of effects in order to truly improve your sexual well-being.

The healthcare provider will prescribe the dosage based on the severity of the ED problem. Take the single dose about thirty minutes to an hour before the planned sexual activity. You have to wait during this time for the drug to start taking effect before initiating foreplay. Taking the drug alone will not give you an erection just like that as it is not an aphrodisiac.

Sexual stimulation and arousal will cause the Sildenafil to interact with the chemicals that the body releases when excited. This is an important aspect of achieving a hard and sustainable erection. It is important not to exceed a single dose of Kamagra in a day. Planning for the sexual activity with your partner will help in making use of the drug’s effects completely.

Duration of Kamagra Effects

The drug lasts in the system for an average of four to six hours. While this is the typical duration of effects, individual results tend to vary based on a number of factors that can impact how long the drug works in the system. It is important to understand that every individual responds differently to medication and the same holds true for Kamagra.

Age is indeed a factor that can modify the duration of effects. Men over the age of 65 have a slower metabolism, which means that the drug elimination is slow and the effects can last for more than six hours too. The lower dosage is recommended for use in elderly men.

Alcohol and fatty food can reduce the effectiveness of Kamagra to some extent, which is why it makes sense to consume them in lesser quantities so it does not impact the drug.

Those individuals with existing health issues or are currently on other medications may experience differences in how long the drug lasts, which could be shorter or longer than usual.

Consult with your doctor right away if you have any queries about the effects of Kamagra.

Drug interactions

This medication might interact with other tablets in the market. You are not supposed to consume any other ED tablet if you are taking Kamagra medication.

Always check with the doctor about the drug interactions that might occur to be safe during your therapy. Let the healthcare professional know about the drugs that you are consuming which include prescription only, without prescription, diet pills, and herbal supplements.

Known side effects of Kamagra Tablets

Like every other ED pill, Kamagra Tablet will also result with few side effects. The known after effects are discussed here. It is better to consult with your doctor if you encounter effects that include nausea, vomiting, fainting, priapism, change or blurring of vision, redness of face or any skin rashes. But when compared to Viagra, Side effects are mild with this tablet. Misusing or overdosing of this medication will definitely lead a person to physically dependent on this chemical.

The recent research had disclosed the fact that the rate of the population looking for buying ED treating pills is getting higher for every year than the former years. It had also given the hidden truth of people’s choice between Kamagra and Viagra for treating Impotence. It had been noticed that there are a lot of factors that make people prefer to Kamagra than Viagra though both are used to treat the same erectile dysfunction problem in men. Are you excited to know the hidden facts? Keep reading this blog to know how the benefits of each drug are getting varied

The proper way to store the medication

Storing the pill in a safe environment is very important. The purchase Kamagra pill should be stored under the exposure of UV or sun rays. The pillbox should not be kept open as the microorganism in outside space will cause severe interaction with medication. Kindly store under the room temperature. Bathroom, Kitchen is not the right place to keep your pill box. And make sure your children or any person below 18 could not access this ED pill.

Is Kamagra Safe?

Kamagra medication once taken will be dissolved by the hepatic mechanism and will produce results as desired with null side effects. As with other ED medication, this component is associated with side effects which are traced to be in the lower range. However, when compared to the adverse effects of other medication this med is found to be in the lower range. A common warning is given by the FDA to the cardiac patients with the history of any heart problems. Also, this is included for patients with low BP.

Thus as per the guidelines and exception given by the manufacturer, this Kamagra medication is completely safe to take. Hence the ED medication users are recommended to follow this med as formulated. The patients with liver or kidney damage are warned from using this med. Apart from all these exceptions, the normal patients suffering from ED is satisfied effectively with this med with no side effects. The Sildenafil present in this med will be acting as the main component aiding the patient to get a regularized flow of blood to certain parts of the body. By enhancing the flow the person could achieve the firm erection. So taking Kamagra is completely safe. All you have to get through is buying this medication from quality suppliers. We are one of the leading and one only exclusive Kamagra online sellers. When you are making an order with us, take it like you have made the right choice as we assure that you will be safe.

Where to Buy Kamagra online?

It is easy to buy Kamagra from Thekamagra.net online store as it is just four-step ordering process and within 3-5 minutes is enough to complete your order in a hassle-free manner. Due to technology development in the pharmaceutical world, now it is very easy to order cheap Kamagra tablets with a click of a button. You can buy this 100 male pills in a single purchase from our online store and pay through secured online transaction services to receive your order at your doorstep. So buying cheap Kamagra online from this online store is easy! We provide cheap pills without compromising the efficiency as we import from original makers. We assure that you are having the best deal when you purchase Kamagra 100mg or Kamagra 50 mg from us.

Our Commitment

Thekamagra.net SealThekamagra.net is committed to providing you with authentic Kamagra pills at a low rate. The medication that you ordered with us will reach the dispensing unit after it's been tested for it' quality and expiry date. As we are more concerned about your health we import pills that have been freshly manufactured. It implies that we don't keep our old stock with us. To give you safe and secure purchasing experience we always promise to protect your sensitive information by our advanced encryption technology. As we serve the best quality pills at a low rate and it also resulted in positive effects, we have earned many customers on such short notice. We always strive very hard to fulfill your needs. Start buying Kamagra pills from us then you will come to know how amazing our services are. So start ordering your Kamagra now to treat your ED problem with full confidence.






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