Who We are?

Thekamagra.net is an exclusive Kamagra online store and it has been assembled to empower all the individuals those who are looking for best ED (Erectile dysfunction) medications. Along with that, you can discover as much as details with respect to the various advantages of utilizing Kamagra medication.

We regularly refresh our website by adding recent medical information related to Kamagra medications and by considering all this information the website might be a beneficial one for you. Hence bookmark Thekamagra.net site and get knowledge whenever you want to. You can choose any dosage of Kamagra pill as per your doctor advice. We have the capability of supplying the Kamagra pills with any amount and you can purchase the ED pills quickly as well as hassle-free manner. Because of that, we welcome you all to have a check out of this site as a result individuals can clarify their queries which are related to using the drug or ordering Kamagra process online.

Voice of Owners

Catherine Price

Founder and Managing director of Thekamagra.net.

Business Management student


I am Catherine Price, founder and managing director of The Kamagra Online Store. The motivation behind the creation of this website is to solve the major problem of men which is Erectile dysfunction.

Personally, my husband had been affected by temporary impotence and he could not get proper medication at an affordable cost in the year 2011. After two years passed I came to know that only 28% of men are getting proper treatment while others hesitate or could not afford to buy ED medications online.

That is the reason why I have started to sell Low-cost ED medication Kamagra imported directly from its original manufacture Ajanta Pharmaceuticals. We as a team of 21 members flocked together in this mission in a different role.

I have been in working in this field for more than One year. I am not the face of this online store I am just a backbone who supports everyone to do their role properly towards our mission.

All the medical related information on The Kamagra is written by our CEO Dr. Abraham Smith.

 DR. Abraham Smith

  • Physician Assistant
  • Medical advisor
  • Medical Researcher
  • Co-founder of The Kamagra Online Store

Dr. Abraham J Smith is currently a medical advisor in sharing medical or product related information in thekamagra.net. He is a physician assistant specialist having more than 17 years of experience in the medical field. He has become part of our fast-growing mission to help men affected by Erectile dysfunction.

For the past 2 years, until January 2018, Dr. Abraham Smith has not been that actively involved with our store yet he will only review the information. After we faced a failure due to lack of a medically related person’s advice to run apart from business aspirant’s pieces of advice. Since March he is with us, working behind this online store’s editorial team. He has authored, advised and verified medical information on our site. He attended the quality reporting program as Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System.

Dr. Abraham Smith spent more than 3 years in the research of men’s problem and doing related work to find out the solution to impotence issue. During his experience, he had done more than 52 surgeries with a 98% success rate.

Now he is attending patients with different health problems at his local medical clinic at two different locations in Maryland.

1)      Ridings way

2)      W Baltimore St Baltimore

At present, Dr. Abraham lives in 2000 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD. He got his medical graduation degree in the year of 2002 and he had several years of experience in famous hospitals including a Holy cross hospital in MD.

Dr. Abraham Smith has the mission to achieve in the medical industry he says “Though Men are the reasons for ED problem only less 28% of Men are getting proper medication and medical guidance. My objective is to make men aware of the possibility to get over his dysfunction easily and lead his life happy”

We have joined his hands in the vision of achieving his mission.

To Communicate with us

If you want to contact me just drop your email at admin@thekamagra.net and I will respond to your mail. I will not answer any medical related question but then I will answer any shipping related or any problem you might face with using Thekamagra.net

If you want to contact Dr. Abraham J Smith send an email to abrasmithham3212@gmail.com. You can send an email at any time you want as he will read all the emails and try to reply with a proper solution to your problem on his personal effort.

Our services

How are we working?

We have terms with the original manufacturer. And we have the team to follow up all the legal and transport while importing the Kamagra medication. After we have received your orders you will get a call for confirmation. If all the conditions apply to take the medication and by the medication, your address and payment will be confirmed and your medication will get dispatched as soon as we have confirmed the orders. We have several other teams to organize and manage our receiving orders process, customer support, shipping and dispatching the orders.

Guaranteed Delivery

All the orders that you have placed through Kamagra online store will be delivered to your doorstep without any damage. So far we have received 1456 orders out of 1532 orders placed. And we have the delivered all the received orders without any package damage to our customers.

Any query?

Thekamagra.net provide customer service across 24*7*365. We have multiple technical teams to work around in shift manner to connect with our online customer who is interested to buy Kamagra. The quick responsive customer support is one among our feature that all the previous buyers had an amazing experience with. We strive hard not only to supply quality medication but also instant support for those who need a technical assistant to complete the orders and also to answer all your questions before placing an order.

You can get in touch with us in many ways

Using email service to support@thekamagra.net is very convenient and all your emails will be answered within 2 hours. We never made our customer wait for a long time. Through excellent customer support team, we could achieve this. Call our customer service is another option. The calls will be answered during our office opening hours. which is 10:10 AM to 7:10 AM from Monday to Saturday. We believe that is the average customer’s ordering time period. So we are here to help with the instant response to the call.

Our Objective

Health is an important factor in today’s world that need to be taken care of and ED is the most critical health problem men found it difficult to cope with. Not more than 40% of men feel free to share their ED problem and get proper medication at an affordable cost. So we hereby want to help men who are in the search of quality Ed medication at an affordable cost to assist their ED problem. We as a team are working very hard to meet our vision.

Our Commitment


The Commitment of Thekamagra.net giving to customers Thekamagra.net Seal

The unbeatable price of Kamagra that no one in the industry would match our price list as well the uncompromising quality of all the medication. Since we are committed to providing incomparable services for the customer we only provide the best shipping service to deliver the product at right time to our customer. That is the reason why we have so many regular customers those who are repeatedly purchasing the medication in a legit manner.