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36 dispensing Units

36 dispensing Units

We have dispensing units in 36 states in US at present. We are planning to extend our dispensing centres in 5 more states. We will intimate it shortly.

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USA/international shipping services

We use USA post as our shipping providers to dispatch ordered kamagra pills to customer's in any states of US. And we use international shipping for customers from other countries read more on our shipping policies.

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Real Time Tracking services

Customers deserves to know the exact arrival time of Kamagra at their doorstep. We help them with our live tracking services.

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Our customer service team will be online around the clock to answer all your queries related. You can Contact us anytime between our office hours – 10:10 AM EST to 7:10 PM EST (Monday to Saturday)

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Our present customers are using above these payment service. We are working on with more options to serve you with continence payment services.

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Note: If the number of Kamagra pills exceed than limited range our medical team will request you to submit the prescription. Buying Kamagra without prescription is possible only if it is under safety limit.

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Premium Kamagra Quality

Ajanta Pharmacy

We outsource all our Kamagra medications from Ajanta manufacturer from India. As they are the original manufacturer of Kamagra pills and FDA approved firm to launch it's products in USA, we are importing all our products from them. This assures that when you are buying Kamagra from online store you are getting a quality pill at affordable cost.

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We constantly work to meet our customer's expectation and provide them the best service. Based on our existing services we are now currently working on to improve our online store much better. We know what do you want so we are working on it.

Extending Dispensing Units

Due to limited number of kamagra Suppliers in USA, the demand for the pill is very high. And we receive lot of orders from multiple states, we are working hard to extend our services to 5 more states in US. There will be no hassle in ordering Cheap Kamagra from Online then.

Multiple payment options

The payment we, accept are limited as of now. Since customer's prefer their convenient payment method, we are in the position to integrate our payment options with lot more type of card payments.

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What is Kamagra?

For treating Erectile Dysfunction, Kamagra medication is used and it is known as the best substitute for Viagra. It is time to buy Kamagra for treating male impotence as it is popular erectile dysfunction medication containing the equivalent amount of Sildenafil. It is one of the generic formulations of brand Viagra. Buy Kamagra tablets online in fast delivery method to get rid of impotence problem at a cheap rate. As it is a cost-effective male pill, many people are buying it regularly to treat ED. You can buy Kamagra online from exclusive Kamagra online store is the best choice to get the medication immediately in your hand.

ED (Erectile dysfunction) is a condition in men which is the inability to get an erection and maintain it during the period of sexual activity

Working of Kamagra?

Working of Kamagra or how it fights with erectile dysfunction in men is similar to Viagra yet, most people prefer Kamagra due to various reasons. Kamagra tablets take about forty to sixty minutes to begin taking effect and last for about four to five hours. With the constant increase in standard of living, the current generation is forced to live a stressful life which has both physiological and psychological effects on one’s life. One of such medical condition that is caused as a result of these lifestyle changes is erectile dysfunction or ED. But, men find it difficult to admit it and avoid taking any form of treatment involving any professional and seek medications like Viagra or Kamagra to self-treat themselves. You can get to know what exactly Kamagra medication is? How it treats Erectile dysfunction in men? in the product description given on the page from where you will check out.

When to use?

Whenever men could not attain proper erection during sexual activity or could not maintain an erection throughout the intercourse.

When there is sexual stimulation but suffer from proper erection, the individual would be able to achieve the desired erection without any hitch.

Who makes Kamagra?

The Manufacture with a patent to make Kamagra by using chemical substance Sildenafil Citrate is Ajanta pharmacy.

Ajanta Pharmacy – an Indian-based pharmaceutical company which manufactures and distribute several forms of medication to different parts of the world since 1973. Kamagra tablets in 100mg are the famous formulations of Ajanta pharmacy and it is the first firm that had researched and developed oral Jelly version of ED meds. We outsource all forms of Kamagra medication from Ajanta pharma in a legal manner. People who are buying Kamagra from our exclusive online store will receive authentic pills at a cheap rate. This exclusive Kamagra store has been importing all the medication from this manufacturer and all this will be tested for quality. The medication which nearly going to expire will not be dispensed.

 Is Kamagra safe?

Kamagra is completely safe medication recommended by most ED specialist to treat their patient who suffers from temporary impotence. This ED medication is noted to have the Sildenafil as its Generic component which is well known to treat ED in the patients. The component acts by increasing the blood flow to the veins which seems like a natural process of obtaining an erection during sexual intercourse. The side effects associated with this will rule out when abused or taken with other interactive drugs. The med is safe for all men with the exception of cardiac patients and liver or kidney damaged persons.

Different types of Kamagra medications

- Kamagra tablets

- kamagra oral jelly

- kamagra soft

- Kamagra effervescent

- Kamagra polo

Though there are several forms of this male pill available in different stores, at Thekamagra online store, only Kamagra tablets at approved dosages are available. The remaining products are under clinical study once the test result was announced and if it is positive we may also include the other varieties in our product list.

How to take Kamagra medication?

You can take a single pill either thirty minutes or one hour prior to engaging in coitus. If you have no plans to indulge in the copulation then you have to avoid consuming it. Take a single pill with a glass of water.

Never chew, crush or do any damages to the drug before consuming it. When you do so there are chances for the working mechanism to be changed.

You are not supposed to take another tablet within the period of 24 hours. Try to give some time for the medication to work and do not get stressed up.

Precautions on taking Kamagra

When using this male pill, men should take some precaution measure to fight back this ED problem without risking their health. Take one Kamagra tablet per day before involving sexual activity with your partner. More than one tablet will harm your health conditionThe effect will last for maximum 6 hours. The prolonged erection is an adverse effect of this medication. Kindly check with your doctor if your erection lasts for more than 4 hours. It should not be consumed along with other medication like nitrates. As this may result in drug interaction. Without sexual stimulation, there is no way this male pill will work. So, the man should be sexually induced to get benefitted by taking Kamagra tablet.

Kamagra vs other ED meds

Before buying Kamagra online it is quite obvious to compare the medication with other ED medication. This is because FDA has approved many numbers of ED meds but how Kamagra stands out can be known only with a comparative study. The other ED medications are Stendra, Cialis, Levitra, and Staxyn.

The similarities between Kamagra and these meds are the working nature. The difference can be understood from the below table.

Drug Name Active Ingredient Kick in Time Lasting hours Cost
Kamagra Sildenafil Citrate 15-20 minutes 22 to 30 hours $3.41
Stendra Avanafil 30 minutes 24 hours $12.5
Cialis Tadalafil 30 - 60 minutes 24 to 36 hours $3.50
Viagra Sildenafil Citrate 60 minutes

  • First time in some men it takes 2 - 3 hours to kick in
4-5 hours t effect. 10-12 hours for longest effect. $22
Levitra Vardenafil 30 minutes    $2.50

*The given price of Kamagra is what other stores will cost you. You can check our cheap price in the top of this page below the product display.

Why is Kamagra used over Viagra?

As the mechanism of action of Kamagra medication resembles with Viagra it is often called as the best Viagra substitute by many ED experts. Kamagra has also other names that are “Generic Viagra”. The reason why many people prefer Kamagra over Viagra is the cheap rate and quick results. Viagra is the costlier ED medication. Why would someone go for costlier medication as the same effect can be achieved even more risk-free at low cost? So, People buy cheap Kamagra online rather than Viagra.

Many people raise the question as is Kamagra similar to Viagra? The answer would be yes! It is clearly a generic version of Viagra medication. It differs with manufacturers and product cost in the market. Due to a tremendous demand for this viagra substitute, we are supplying it to US people by abiding federal laws.

Reason behind the high demand of Kamagra 100 mg in the USA

You might have searched a lot about this but it is very hard to judge the actual fact. But our research team has found out what makes Kamagra 100mg has highly demanded ED medication in the United States. Here you go!

10 out of 25 Men in the US are facing Erection problem due to several causes. We cannot pick a single cause or we cannot exclude a minor cause just because it is minor. But the most reported cause of ED is Stress, smoking cigars and genetic. When they are trying to overcome the problem, ED pills are the only solution as the natural way of getting away from impotence problem is very time-consuming. But what is wrong with other ED pills why there is so much demand for Kamagra will be the question that pops up in your mind. Well, the cost plays a major role here. And there are so many benefits when you take Kamagra over other pills.

The drug's kickstart time is very genuine and helpful for men who are in the need of quick results. The chemical composition of Kamagra is very much similar to Viagra, that's why people call it as Generic Viagra or the best Viagra substitute for ED treatment. So you might have come to the conclusion what is wrong in buying Kamagra when it is exactly similar to Viagra and also available at reasonable as well as affordable cost. That is the exact reason why Kamagra is a high demanded ED pill in the USA.

Why buy Kamagra online, why not local drugstore?

- People can reduce the prescription cost by buying Kamagra from online stores

- Can make use of offers and home delivery services

- Availability of stock makes a customer to get Kamagra at any time they want

- Option to order through online coupons and offers

On the whole, when comparing with traditional buying method of this ED medication, Online purchase of Kamagra makes men to spend only less amount, receive buy Kamagra 100mg or 50mg within few business hours or days and helps to maintain their sexual health.

Kamagra Reviews

Many users had shared their positive results with us. This boosts us to provide even more great service to our customers. All the reviews that user posted after purchased Kamagra from us, we will actually sit and analyze what makes them happy and what makes them not. From the next day, we will be working on to updating our features to make our customers feel more convenient in using our online Kamagra store to order the medication.

We have been receiving a lot of reviews that portraits the medication's effectiveness and they were amazed to see the cost as well. Here you can look into our new customer's happy review on Kamagra which we believe to given enough picture of how we build the relationship with a customer.

" I have used other popular ED drugs for my impotence, but with Kamagra 100 mg, I could experience the great result. It works really well. I paid only a few bucks to purchase this pill online. I have never tried the pill from your store, this is the first time I'm purchasing it from I received the pill after 11 days I had placed my order and I paid only 30 dollars to that since I'm living in the remote area in the USA, I was worried about shipping cost must. For these many years, I have been paying $65 to other stores. But with you, I honestly liked your way of understanding our needs. Simply it actually worth buying it from you."

Where to buy Kamagra Online?

The best and cost-effective online store to buy Kamagra is as it is working dedicatedly for supplying this ED medication at a low rate. Though the medication cost is low the efficiency and quality of the pill are unbeatable. When you buy from you have a lot of option to pay for the medication and flexible shipping choices to make your order deliver fast at your doorstep. You might have tried and fed up with many online stores now, it is better to make a sample purchase of this ED pill from us and see for yourself how good are we in the industry.

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