Kamagra, the generic variant of Viagra, is a potent drug that is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug is considerably cheaper in comparison to the brand, which is why many men prefer to use this medication for their ED troubles. However, there are chances that Kamagra is not used in the most effective manner that the drug was designed to be. Not consuming it right may not produce the desired effects or rather the full potential of the drug is unlikely to be reached.

Knowing about the drug in detail will help to make it right. A lot of people tend to skip reading the instructions leaflet that comes with the product, but this is highly useful as it holds all the relevant information that even the physician may at times miss. Before buying Kamagra find out what is the right way to take it and also the duration of effects in order to truly improve your sexual well-being.

What is the right way to consume Kamagra?

Kamagra is available in various formulations on both offline stores as well as in Kamagra online pharmacies. The healthcare provider will prescribe the dosage based on the severity of the ED problem. Take the single dose about thirty minutes to an hour before the planned sexual activity. You have to wait during this time for the drug to start taking effect before initiating foreplay. Taking the drug alone will not give you an erection just like that as it is not an aphrodisiac.

Sexual stimulation and arousal will cause the Sildenafil to interact with the chemicals that the body releases when excited. This is an important aspect of achieving a hard and sustainable erection. It is important not to exceed a single dose of Kamagra in a day. Planning for the sexual activity with your partner will help in making use of the drug’s effects completely.

What is the duration of Kamagra’s effects?

The drug lasts in the system for an average of four to six hours. While this is the typical duration of effects, individual results tend to vary based on a number of factors that can impact how long the drug works in the system. It is important to understand that every individual responds differently to medication and the same holds true for Kamagra.

Age is indeed a factor that can modify the duration of effects. Men over the age of 65 have a slower metabolism, which means that the drug elimination is slow and the effects can last for more than six hours too. The lower dosage is recommended for use in elderly men.

Alcohol and fatty food can reduce the effectiveness of Kamagra to some extent, which is why it makes sense to consume them in lesser quantities so it does not impact the drug.

Those individuals with existing health issues or are currently on other medications may experience differences in how long the drug lasts, which could be shorter or longer than usual.

Consult with your doctor right away if you have any queries about the effects of Kamagra.